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Are you taking your dog on a road trip? Driving with a pet can be challenging if not prepared; thus, this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake shares some tips to keep your pup safe and happy throughout the trip.

The holiday season is right around the corner! If you are planning to hit the road to visit friends and family, chances are you want to take your dog with you; after all, they are part of your family. If you need some tips for driving with a pet safely, read this post by Mike Ford Shop and find out how you can go on a fun road trip with your four-legged friend by your side.

Essential Tips For Driving With a Pet

Check With Your Veterinarian

Talk to your veterinarian before making any road trip arrangements. It's important to note that not all dogs travel well; some are too anxious or have health conditions that keep them from enjoying long-distance car rides. Regardless, seeing your vet will help you determine if your dog is healthy enough to be happy and safe for the journey. They will perform a health check and prescribe medication if needed; they can also recommend you with trusted pup-sitters or facilities if your pet's not allowed for travel.

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Train Your Dog to Travel

If your dog has no traveling experience, you'll need to introduce them to the vehicle's environment; to that end, take them for a few rides before the trip. Since they shouldn't range free in the car, make sure to get them used to ride secured; for example, they should get accustomed to staying inside a comfortable carrier if its breed is small; likewise, train them to ride with a dog seat belt if they are large. The most important thing is making sure they can turn, move, and lay down on their seats; plus, a couple of test rides will let you know if your dog is prone to motion-sickness; if they are, make sure to talk with your veterinarian about it.

Exercise Your Dog Before the Trip

Since your dog will spend a long time in your car, chances are they might get bored, anxious, or stressed at some point, which may cause them to whine, lick your car seats, scratch your vehicle's upholstery, or some other destructive behavior. To minimize those chances, get them tired right before heading out to the road. You can take them for a long walk or visit the park so they can exercise and run around. All in all, this tip is super convenient if your dog is highly energetic and active.

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Pack All Your Dog's Stuff

To make the traveling experience as safe and comfortable as possible for your dog, make sure to pack all the stuff your furry friend might need throughout the trip. First, think about the long hours your pet will spend in the car; you don't want them to get bored and start to get anxious; therefore, pack fun toys to keep them entertained for hours; for example, hollow toys stuffed with peanut butter or treats, or long-lasting chew toys. Additionally, pack all your dog's essentials, such as their harness, collar, leash, grooming supplies, containers for food or water, a waste scoop, plastic waste bags, medication if needed, and wipes to clean if your dog gets motion sickness.

Keep Your Pet Cool

Finally, it's important to note that dogs can't regulate their temperature as easily; hence, make sure to keep your vehicle cool for your dog, especially during the hottest part of the day. You can turn your AC on or place a cooling pad under your dog's carrier for it to sit and remain comfortable. An important factor that goes hand in hand with keeping your dog cool is making sure they are well-hydrated; hence, bring cool water handy for whenever your pup gets thirsty.

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