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As the days get sunnier and warmer, you may want to prime your car to hit the road this spring; to that end, use these spring vehicle maintenance tips from Mike Ford Shop in AMSOIL: All Service Oil: Mike Ford.

Must-Follow Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

First, Clean Your Car

If there's one thing all car owners can agree on, it's this: we greatly enjoy driving our vehicles when they are freshly washed, waxed, and detailed; therefore, the first tip on this list of spring vehicle maintenance tips is to wash and wax your vehicle thoroughly. Washing your car in early spring is very important considering how hard the winter can be on the car's materials. To better understand this point, it should be noted that road crews pour salt and other products during winter to clear the roads of the slippery and dangerous ice that forms over the asphalt. As you drive down the road, your vehicle picks up the particles of these products, including sodium and chloride ions. As you can imagine, these particles are very corrosive; hence, they can gradually oxidize and deteriorate your vehicle's paint and metals, hence the importance of washing it thoroughly at the beginning of each spring. When washing your car, remember it's best to start from the top to the bottom; plus, pay special attention to the undercarriage and wheelsets, as these parts are the most prone to accumulate dirt and corrosion. If you don't have the proper equipment to clean your vehicle thoroughly, opt to use a professional car wash service.

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Check Your Tires

The next thing to do is to check your wheelsets. First, make sure the tires are properly inflated and their tread looks good. Performing this check is essential because low winter temperatures contract the air contained in the tires, which causes the tire tread to deform and wear quicker. Hence, be sure to measure the air pressure in each tire. Ideally, tire inflation should match the operating air pressure indicated by the manufacturer in the owner's manual. If any of your tires are underinflated, look for a service station with an air hose where you can inflate your tires. As for the tread structure, make sure there are no cracks or uneven wear; otherwise, have your tires checked at the shop. Additionally, consider having your tires serviced for balancing and alignment. These services may be essential if you have hit a curb or a snow-covered pothole during the winter.

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Check Your Fluids

Checking your vehicle's fluid levels is essential to keep engine systems well lubricated, protected, clean, and operating at a safe temperature throughout the spring. To begin with, check that the oil levels are optimal and top off the reservoir if necessary to prevent any friction or heat problems with the engine. Next, check that the coolant reservoir is full to minimize the risk of your engine overheating. Don't forget to check the levels of brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Pay Attention to Your Battery Life

Next up, test your vehicle's battery. To understand this point better, you should know that your battery delivers current as expected because of the electrochemical reactions it obtains from mixing liquid electrolytes and lead plates; however, some factors can slow down and hinder this reaction; for example, the cold. When temperatures drop in winter, the battery uses higher charges to compensate for its loss of reaction rate; therefore, it expends a lot of stored chemical energy and discharges faster. Considering the above, it is of utmost importance that you check the condition of your battery every year at the beginning of spring.

Finally, Check Your Brakes

Our last recommendation is to check the condition of your brakes for peace of mind behind the wheel and improve your safety during your road trips. As mentioned above, winter road conditions can be tough on your car, and your brake system is no exception, so be sure to take your vehicle to the shop to have everything checked, from the brake fluid to the lines, hoses, and brake pads.

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