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As a car owner, you must rely on the services of a skilled mechanic to ensure the best care for your vehicle. For tips on how to find a mechanic whom you can trust, keep reading this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

All car owners need a mechanic they can trust to take good care of their...
Buying a car can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Thus, this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake has put together a few tips on choosing the right vehicle and making a wise buying decision.

Are you buying a car soon? While becoming a car owner may fill you with excitement, the car-buying...
Have you wondered how to keep rust from spreading on your vehicle? If so, read this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake to learn helpful information and tips on the matter.

As you know, your vehicle constantly faces environmental hazards and risks, for example, salt, acid rain, mud, and even...
Tractors are vital for performing any arduous task in the field or around town. To learn how to operate these machines, consider the following tractor safety tips by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

These days it's hard to imagine a farm or construction site without tractors. These powerful,...
Extreme heat can take a toll on your car; that's why this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake will take you through the warning signs of an overheated engine and the steps to cool it down effectively.

Sunny, warm summer days are ideal for road trips. Whether you want to visit national parks,...
Changing your car's spark plugs is essential to keep your ignition system in top shape. To find out how to replace them, keep reading this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

Did you know that your vehicle needs a spark to start? Every time you start your car, a spark of 20,000 to 25,000 volts...
As the days get sunnier and warmer, you may want to prime your car to hit the road this spring; to that end, use these spring vehicle maintenance tips from Mike Ford Shop in AMSOIL: All Service Oil: Mike Ford.

Must-Follow Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

First, Clean Your Car

If there's one...

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For a motorcycle group ride to be fun and rewarding, it's crucial to consider your safety and the safety of others while riding; to that end, use these tips from Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

As a rider, you may know of motorcycle groups or clubs in your community. Likewise, you may have seen...
Servicing your wheel-tire sets is crucial in keeping your car safe to drive; thus, this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake lists key preventive maintenance procedures to keep your tires in mint shape.

Preventive Maintenance Procedures to Prolong the Life and Performance of Your Tires