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If you’ve ever considered switching to synthetic oil but haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Some of the reasons why you haven’t gotten a synthetic oil change are probably because it’s more expensive, or you are not sure if it’s safe to switch from conventional to synthetic. Yes, it is more expensive at the beginning, and yes, it’s completely safe to make the switch.  All Service Oil, your trusted AMSOIL dealer in Andover, brings you the reasons why it’s safe and why you should invest in a synthetic oil change, so read on.

What is Synthetic Oil?

To better tell you the reasons why a synthetic oil change is a safe a good idea, let’s start by talking about what synthetic oil is made of. Just like conventional oil, synthetic oil has a crude oil base. It goes through a very meticulous and advanced refining process to remove impurities from the crude oil. In the process molecules are shaped uniformly to provide a better engine protection. Additives are also added for an even better performance, even under extreme conditions. Synthetic oil has been specifically developed to handle the extreme conditions modern engines go through. It flows more freely and circulates faster than conventional oil does, reducing friction and protecting all the engine’s moving parts.

Myths About Synthetic Oil

Many people hesitate about getting a synthetic oil change because of the myths or stories they’ve heard about synthetic oil. These myths make them think switching to synthetics is not safe. Here are some of those myths and why you should completely disregard them. They Create Leaks: Every story has a truth in it, in the 1970s synthetic oils were made of esters, which could damage seals. Fortunately synthetic technology has long improved. Modern synthetic oils won’t create a leak, but they will find an existing one. Their molecular structure allows it to flow through the tiniest of cracks. If there is some conventional oil acting as glue covering a crack, the additives in synthetic oil will clean those deposits up, thus revealing the fissure. You Can’t Switch Back and Forth Between Oils: As long as they all have the weight suggested by the manufacturers in the owner’s manual, your oil reservoir can have a cocktail of different brands and types of oils. If your seals are in good shape you can go from conventional to synthetic to conventional as much as you like. Synthetics Make Guarantees Void: Unless your owner’s manual specifically says that your engine is not compatible with synthetic oil, there is no reason why your guarantee would be made void. If you need to talk to an expert on the matter call Mike Ford at All Service Oil. You’ll be able to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change, and get help deciding which AMSOIL product is the one your engine needs. So call (763) 257-3130 to get your synthetic oil in Andover.

Why Synthetic Oil Then?

Let’s continue with why synthetic oils are the right choice and what they can do for your vehicle in Andover. Clean Your Engine: As synthetic oil travels through your engine it can pick up sludge and deposits left behind by conventional oil. This sludge has been reducing your engine’s efficiency and its life too, it’s time to change that. Synthetics have fewer impurities and doesn’t form sludge. Better Resistance in Drastic Temperatures: During the colder months it takes longer for your car to warm up and the oil to start flowing and protecting your engine against friction. Oil gets thicker with the cold and flows less smoothly. Synthetic oil has been engineered to work faster even at low temperatures, almost as soon as your start your car. On the other hand, when the weather is really hot outside your engine gets even hotter. This hot temperatures can cause conventional oil to evaporate or break down, making your engine more vulnerable to wear. Synthetics are meant to work and resist these high temperatures without breaking down. Greater Engine Protection: The parts of the engine are moving a high speeds and are in constant contact with each other. It’s not unusual for parts to break down functioning in these conditions. It’s the oils job to create a barrier between them preventing the break down to happen. Since synthetic oil doesn’t evaporate or lose its lubricating properties as fast conventional oil does it provides a greater protection for all the engine’s moving parts.  

To Buy AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Andover

All you have to do is call All Service Oil and ask about their AMSOIL products. They���ll help you find the one that best suits your needs. For a synthetic oil change in Andover there is no better choice than getting AMSOIL synthetic oil. You can call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to make your purchase or you can visit their online store.

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