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Lack of proper lubrication can affect your car’ performance, not being constant with the oil change intervals can hurt your engine. This post is about the importance of following oil change intervals, how you can tell when the oil change is due, and more information regarding oil changes.

Sticking to Your Oil Change Intervals in Anoka County

It’s easy to forget when you’re due for an oil change, especially if you’re not keeping track of them. A reminder on a windshield sticker is not enough, better stick to the recommendations in your owner’s manual. If you’re still unable to remember when your next oil change is, perhaps learning about the importance of respecting oil change intervals can help you become more aware. Check out this post with information about oil change intervals in Anoka County.

Your Oil Needs to Be Changed

You know your oil needs to be changed frequently, but do you know why? Is it just because it’s starting to turn dark? No, there are many reasons why you need to change you oil. The first one is that as time passes it starts to break down and lose its lubricating properties. As it breaks down it mixes up with trash and debris and turns into sludge, which in turn makes your engine need to work harder. The engine starts producing even more heat and your car can eventually break down. Fresh oil is necessary to clean up all the contaminants in your engine and have it work as it should again. Conventional oils need to be changed in shorter intervals because they break down faster. All the ingredients that couldn’t be removed in the refining process cause this to happen. Synthetic oil, on the other hand is designed with a more even and stable molecular structure. It’s completely cleaned of pollutants that can accelerate the breaking down process. For that reason it doesn’t produce sludge. On the contrary, it’s fortified with additives that help dissolve existing sludge and remove any miniature pieces of metal, plastic, and rubber that contaminate the oil pan. If you’re looking to prolong your oil change interval periods, while still maintaining a high level of lubrication a synthetic oil change is the way to go. Next time you’re due for an oil change, use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil.  AMSOIL’s OE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is especially formulated for longer  oil change intervals. Browse through their whole online catalogue or call All Service Oil for a more personalized experience in Anoka County. Their number is (763) 257-3130 and they will help you decide what to purchase for your synthetic oil change.

Is it Time for Your Synthetic Oil Change Yet?

Your car will show many symptoms when it’s time to get a synthetic oil change, but just to be sure you could al follow these options as guides. Trust your owner’s manual: If you take some time to go over your owner’s manual, you’ll find there’s an entire section dedicated to oil changes and service schedules. You need to schedule your service according to your driving style. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual, some car manufacturers have their owner’s manuals available online. Try an oil analysis: Oil analysis need to be performed constantly to notice any changes in the oil. It’s a pricier way to find out when you’re due for an oil change, but it will give you a lot of information about the type of maintenance service you need. You can also find out if there are any problems with your engine before they become big issues. Of course, it will let you know when you need to get that synthetic oil change in Anoka County. Check out your oil life monitor: If you pay attention to the signs on your dashboard you’ll find an oil life monitor. It’s meant to remind you when you’re due for maintenance and oil changes. It usually lights up when you reach a predetermined mileage range, but more advanced monitors use sensors and take in account other factors to give you a more precise reminder.

It’s Possible to Have Too Many Oil Changes

Think of it like this: nothing is good in excess. Replacing your oil before the oil change interval is complete can damage your engine. Every time you change your oil you leave the oil filter empty, and when you add some extra oil, it forms an air bubble. When you turn on your engine there’s air oil pressure while the air is forced out of the filter, meaning your engine is left without lubrication for a while. It is possible that your car can function for a bit with low oil pressure, but there’s no point in running that risk. Just stick to your designated oil change schedule.

For Your Synthetic Next Synthetic Oil Change in Anoka County, Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

Next time you’re up for a synthetic oil change, use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. A great quality product will render magnificent results, especially if you keep up with your maintenance and oil change schedules. Call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get everything you need for a synthetic oil change in Anoka County.

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