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Planning a Long-Haul Drive for Safety and Comfort

There's no doubt that a long-haul drive to your vacation destination has many costs saving benefits over flying, and while you may not be able to travel the distance a plane can afford, the money saved can often be better spent on the experience and adventure at the destination you can drive to. If you're about to embark on a long-haul drive for your next vacation and are looking for ways to make it a safe and enjoyable trip, Amsoil Dealer - All Service Oil has a few tips to share below to help you along the way.

Stay Safe While You Drive

One of the biggest mistakes made by first time long-haul drivers is underestimating just how physically and mentally taxing a long drive can be. Along with sitting in the one position for an extended period of time, staring out the windshield at the road and lines takes its toll on your brain also. To combat this, we have three suggestions:
  • Get a good night sleep before a morning drive or take a good nap before a daytime drive. This can help to give your body the best start before a drive. If possible, avoid driving at night or at the time where your body is used to the routine of sleep.
  • Take breaks and take them often. Linked to the first tip, plan multiple breaks into your journey so that you don't feel rushed or pressured to forgo taking breaks. When you take a break, be sure to get out of the car and stretch your legs and muscles. Change the focus of your vision as often as you can to help wake up your eyes which have been staring at the same focal point for an extended period of time.
  • If there are other drivers in the car, don't let your pride get in the way - utilize them. If everybody does their fair share of driving, it can greatly reduce the risk of having an accident due to fatigue. Speak with other drivers before you leave and plan who will drive each part of the journey. Once this is planned, each driver can plan their sleep during the drive to ensure they are ready for their shift.

Now That You're Ready, Make Sure Your Car Is

Speak with your mechanic a week before your journey and get them to check for any issues that could get in the way of a long-haul drive. Parts which are coming to their end life should be replaced before you leave. There's nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the road because of a very avoidable and small item of car maintenance. Along with a mechanics visit, a long-haul drive is a perfect time for a synthetic oil change near Blaine. With the advanced nature of synthetic oil, engines utilizing such a product provides an engine what it needs to run more efficiently. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 and find out which product is right for your car.

Plan for the Expected

It's no secret that online map and direction services have taken over the regular planning which was done via paper-based maps. And while these services provide great route's to take, many drivers ignore the alternative offered by these services. While the primary route may be the quickest, find points during this route where you can deviate and join the alternatives offered. In the event of an incident of congestion, knowing where you can change route and join another which may have a similar time can save you a world of hassle being stuck in a traffic jam.

Speaking of Jam

Only, this time, we're talking about the food kind. If you're traveling with kids then they are likely to get restless from sitting still for long periods of time. Once you add a hungry stomach to this you've got unhappy passengers which can become driving distractions. Pack a picnic basket to take along with you which includes, water, juice, sandwiches, and some snacks to keep everybody's stomach happy along the way and prevent distractions.

Extend the Time Between Your Synthetic Oil Change Near Blaine

With a synthetic oil change completed and your car now running smoother and more economically, there's a further upside - you won't have to do it again anytime soon. With the included additives in synthetic oil, the benefits extend far longer than those provided with conventional oil. Give Amsoil Dealer - All Service Oil a call at (763) 257-3130 and find the right synthetic oil to provide this and many other benefits such as reduced engine wear and an increase in overall engine lifespan.

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