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Save Gasoline, Save Money

Whether you use your car all day or only a few times a week, gasoline costs are one of our main concerns when using our car. In fact according to U.S. gov. studies the average household spends at about 4% of their income in gasoline.  That is why here at All Service Oil we have some recommendations to help you save on gas.

Four Ways to Save Gasoline

  1. Keep your tires aligned and inflated. When your tires are not correctly aligned they will wear out faster and also cause your car´s engine to have to work twice as hard. Not having your tires properly inflated can also be causing your car to waste gasoline. Both of these factors can be costing you a 3% loss in gas efficiency.
  2. Keep the gas cap tight. Another way to save gasoline is to make sure your gas cap is always on and always tightly adjusted. The gas cap serves a greater purpose than you think, it not only prevents odors from leaving and gas from spilling but it also prevents evaporation of gasoline, specially in the heat. In fact 0.3% of your gasoline may be evaporated if you do not place the gas cap tightly at all times. Although 0.3% of fuel may not seem like a lot to you keep in mind that for the average person that 0.3% equals about 30 gallons of gasoline a year.
  3. Keep your car tank at least half full. By driving your car when the gas tank is almost empty you make your vehicle work much harder and less efficiently, this makes the car use up even more gasoline. To avoid this from happening make sure you always keep your car tank at or above the half full mark. Try to always fill up your car at the middle of the week around tuesday or wednesday because normally gas prices go up on the weekends.
  4. Keep your car maintenance up to date. This is the key factor to keeping gasoline costs low, if everything else in your car is running smoothly your gasoline usage will be efficient. For more detailed information on summer maintenance for you vehicle make sure you check out our previous post here. It is essential that you keep your car´s oil on check and make sure you use synthetic oil. Amsoil is the best synthetic oil in Minneapolis and America. The usage of this synthetic oil will help gas mileage go a long way, in some cases and if used properly it can increase up to 12%.

Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis

Don´t wait to save, start making the most of your money today and buy only top quality products. For Amsoil oil in Minneapolis call  us today at (763) 257-3130 . Make sure you ask about all our products and how they can help make the most of your vehicle.

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