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You already know that motor oil is a basic need when it comes to your car. It keeps the engine well lubricated and functioning. Motor oil is a very complex subject, there are so many topics you can talk about. Today, All Service Oil brings you some information about motor oil. To be more specific, this article is about debunking some popular motor oil myths. While you won’t be getting a full history lesson about motor oil, you’ll probably be learning something new about oil in Blaine.

Getting Down to the Facts

When they say engine oil comes from crude oil, it doesn’t mean that the oil goes straight from the well to your engine. Engine oil, both conventional and synthetic, goes through a blending and refining process. Sometimes the oil brand includes additives to improve its performance. Every brand’s formulas are different than their competitors' formulas. Synthetic oil goes through a much stricter process than conventional oil. Its molecules are actually modified to a more even shape that allows better engine protection and less friction. It seems like a good idea to get a synthetic oil change when you read that, right? Conventional and synthetic oil may have the same start, but the ending result is very different. Now that we’ve established some basic facts about motor oil, let’s move on to the many myths that surround it.

Higher Viscosity Means Higher Protection

It makes sense to think that getting a thicker oil with higher viscosity will protect the engine parts better by providing a stronger film surface. This would only work if the oil would stay in the same place even while the car is resting, but that’s not the case. While the engine is off, the oil drains back into the pan and out of the areas that need protection. When you turn on your car it takes a little while for the oil to flow back where it belongs. If the oil is thicker, it takes even longer. This is the moment where a lower viscosity oil that flows easily is needed to reduce engine wear.

When It Comes to Additives, More is Always Better

Additives are meant to improve the oils performance, so why wouldn’t having more of them be better? Mainly because the job one additive does can be thwarted by another additive if they’re not matched correctly. This is why it’s not a good idea to buy extra motor oil additives. You don’t know if they’re going to mesh properly with your current oil. Oil manufacturers especially design their formulas with the right amount of additives.

Every Engine Should Use Racing Oil

Racing oil needs to be changed every few races, so it doesn’t have a lot of time to fill up with contaminants. If your engine doesn’t get the chance to go full throttle it doesn’t get hot enough to burn out those contaminants. While you’re driving your everyday engine with racing oil you are letting all those contaminants pile up. The best advice you can get is to look for a product appropriate for your driving style. Next time you go for your synthetic oil change, really think about what you’ll be doing with your car. Synthetic oil comes in many brands, and one of the best ones for your engine is AMSOIL synthetic oil. If you’re in Blaine you can get all the oil you need for your synthetic oil change from All Service Oil. Give them a call, they'll tell you why it's a good idea to get a synthetic oil change, and they will help you find the right synthetic oil for your needs. Their number is (763) 257-3130 and they’re there for you when you’re ready to make your synthetic oil purchase. If you are more into shopping online, go ahead and visit their online store.

Changing Your Oil is Necessary Every 3,000 Miles

Car manufacturers wouldn’t really recommend that, considering there’s a lot of quality oil available in the market. By throwing away oil that’s still in good condition you’ll only be wasting money and contaminating the environment even more. If you’re not sure what your actual oil change interval is, you should consult your owner’s manual. For even longer oil change intervals, you should get an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil can last twice as long as conventional oil does.

Black Oil No Longer Works

One of the purposes of oil is to clean your engine, so obviously it is bound to get darker as it collects dirt and contaminants. You should be concerned if your oil doesn’t change colors, it means it’s not doing its job. Oil will get darker, that doesn’t mean you have to change it straight away.

For Synthetic Oil in Blaine

If the time for that synthetic oil change has arrived, better make it an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. You can call All Service Oil at  (763) 257-3130 to get your AMSOIL products in Blaine. They are there to help you get the right synthetic oil for you.

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