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Motorcycle and cars have different types of engines, which is why their oil needs differ too. By learning about their different uses and the different oil options so you can pick the best lubrication. It would be so easy to head to the store and get a single bottle of oil that will magically suit your car, motorcycle, lawnmower, and boat, anything that requires oil. Unfortunately, things aren’t so easy, and each vehicle needs their own special oil. Let’s focus of bikes and cars. You don’t use them the same way or for the same reasons, you shouldn’t use the same lubricant, as easy as it may seem. All Service Oil has prepared this post so you can learn about some of the basic differences between motorcycle and automotive oil. Next time you head to your preferred AMSOIL dealer in Blaine you’ll know just what you need.

They Have Different Purpose

Motorcycle and automotive oil are created differently. They start out the same way, they both get mixed with additives, but the types and quantities differ. Another thing that makes both oils so different is the way each of them is used. Car motor oil has basically a single lubrication task: protect the engine and its metal moving parts. Motorcycle oil, on the other hand has to lubricate the engine, cool the clutch, and protect the gearbox. Here are more ways how automotive and motorcycle oil have different uses.
  • Multiple lubrication: The only job automotive oil has is to lubricate the engine and all its moving parts. There’s a specific lubricating liquid for the other parts of the car. In motorcycles, it’s different, they only require one type of lubricant. Many bikes use the same oil for the transmission, the engine, and the clutch. The oil needs to be powerful enough to satisfy all the lubrication needs.
  • Cooling: Cars come equipped with a water cooling system to simmer down rising temperatures, although some motorcycles have them too, some others need to cool the engine differently. Some bikes use a combination of oil and air. The oil designed for motorcycles also acts as a coolant, which is why it has different additives than automotive oil. Next time you're up for an oil change, whether it's for your bike or your car, get AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You can try 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil which is excellent for air-cooled motorcycles. You can also get an Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant for your car's engine. You can find these products and more at AMSOIL's  online store. If you rather hear an expert's recommendations, give All  Service Oil a call at (763) 257-3130 next time you're due for a synthetic oil change in Blaine.
  • Operational speed:  When you drive your motorcycle, you usually go at a higher speed than you would in your car. Higher speeds translates to added engine stress. As speeds go higher the oil can foam, which can reduce its carrying ability and promote oxidation. Motorcycles and cars need different levels of oil protection because they don’t run the same way.
  • Compression ratios: The higher compression ratios pay some more stress to the bike’s engine. Higher compression ratios elevate the engine’s temperature, so the need of an oil that’s more resistant to heat and wear is greater. As the temperature rises, the oil’s life expectancy decreases and the possibility of sludge formation is greater too.
  • Activity/ inactivity: You probably use your car more than you do your motorcycle. In fact, your bike is probably a hobby and it goes through long periods of inactivity. When you’re not using your motorcycle, oil can help create rust and acid corrosion. What you need is an oil that can withstand long periods of inactivity. Motorcycle oil is mixed in with additives that allow just that. It might also do your bike some good if your checked out this guide for storing your motorcycle.

Should You Go for Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Motorcycle and car oil may be different, but they are both available in various forms: synthetic or conventional. The main difference between them is the quality of the ingredients, which you’ll find reflected on the price. By getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change you would be getting the best possible oil for your motorcycle or car. Conventional oil begins with a base oil which goes through a refining process and then mixed in with some additives. The molecular form of conventional oil doesn’t change much, its molecules remain in their organic, uneven state. Synthetic oil starts with a base oil as well, but the refining process it goes through is much stricter. Its molecules are manipulated to an even and uniform shape which flows smoothly and reduces friction. If you’re not interested in getting an oil with high tolerance to extreme temperatures, then get conventional oil.  If you do go for conventional, your oil change intervals will be much shorter because it breaks down faster. Synthetics, on the other hand, can handle extreme temperatures without breaking down and still maintaining their lubricating properties. With conventional oil you’ll also have to worry about sludge formation. Synthetic oil doesn’t create sludge, instead it cleans off any deposits found in your engine.

All You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Blaine

All the products you need for your synthetic oil change are available at All Service Oil. You can go ahead and call them at (763) 257-3130 to get AMSOIL supplies for your motorcycle or car in Blaine.

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