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There are many misconceptions when it comes to oil additives. Many times you will see motor oils that advertise an increased number of additives in their oil, however this is not always a good thing. That is why today at All Service Oil we have taken the time to discuss this common misunderstanding.

More Oil Additives Are Not Always a Good Thing

A lot of times you will find motor oils that advertise in their label that they have many more additives. This can become confusing when deciding what oil to choose. Additives are helpful and useful and help further protect your engine. However a good synthetic oil such as Amsoil oil already has these additives added in as part of the synthetic oil formula and does not need to be enriched with them. The formula in itself of a high quality synthetic oil such as that of AMSOIL, already includes as part of its essence, the qualities that allow it to have an excellent viscosity index, remove sludge, prevent rust , and protect metallic surfaces in your engine. Therefore there is no need to add these additives.

Incorporating Additives to Good Quality Oil Is Counter Productive

When there is a high quality synthetic oil, there is no need to incorporate more additives. Incorporating more additives to an engine oil, that already has them as part of its formula, will actually damage the efficiency of the oil. It can begin to dilute the composition of the oil, and instead of being able to utilize the already encrusted benefits of its formula,  it will make the oil much less efficient. For more information on how to properly use synthetic oil and maintain your vehicle, specially in the hot summer, make sure you read our Summer Maintenance for Your Vehicle post.

Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis

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