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The oil filter isn't the only filter that helps keep your engine clean and in good shape. Three others filters maintain your vehicle performing at its best.

You Shouldn’t Neglect Changing These Four Filters

A well cared for car will get you far and be with you for a long time. The basic elements you consider when maintaining your vehicle are probably changing your oil, checking your tires, and refilling other essential fluids, but there are other details you need to think about when caring for your vehicle: the filters. Various filters help maintain your oil, engine, and cabin free of impurities. Neglecting to change your oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and cabin air filter can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It’s pretty much obvious what filters do in your car.  Still, it’s important to understand what they do and how they work, which is why All Service Oil has prepared this article for you.

The Oil Filter

The oil filter is by far the most important filter of all. You’ve heard that you should change your oil filter every time you get a synthetic oil change. Why? To prolong your engine’s life and maintain your vehicle’s performance. Your engine is made up of many components working together to keep your car moving. These engine parts are made of metal, and when they grind together, tiny metal shavings can tear off and block the oil flow. The oil’s job is to reduce friction and cool the engine while traveling all over. As the oil moves, it begins to gather those shavings, which, if not removed, can harm the engine. The oil filter will catch most of these contaminants and keep them from returning to the oil. It’s important that you change your oil filter every time you get a synthetic oil change. You can get your oil filter and synthetic oil from AMSOIL’s online store or by calling All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130. They will help you decide which oil to choose and what filter is best for your vehicle in Ham Lake.

The Fuel Filter

The fuel filter also deals with fluids, just like the oil filter. This filter has two different functions depending on what type of fuel you use: petroleum or diesel.  For engines that use gasoline, the fuel filter removes the impurities left in the fuel you just put in your car. Petroleum is organic, so it’s bound to have some pollutants. The tanks in which it’s stored can have contaminants, too. Don’t worry though; these impurities won’t harm your engine. If you want cleaner fuel and to make your oil filter’s job easier, you should refuel your gas tank smartly. Cleaner fuel and synthetic oil changes might help your gas mileage. As for diesel engines, the fuel filter works much more differently. Diesel is used to extend the engine’s lifespan and performance, but its primary job is to prevent corrosion inside the engine by removing build up water. Diesel is lighter than water, so the bowl-like filter collects the water at the bottom. The drain plug can later be removed to get rid of the water until only diesel is left behind.

The Air Filter

The air filter captures contaminants and debris in the air that the engine sucks in for combustion. As a result, the combustion process occurs with more ease, and the engine keeps on running smoothly. The air filter also helps your vehicle burn off fuel more efficiently. If the combustion process doesn’t happen correctly, it will reflect in your gas mileage and your engine’s power. The air filter will trap dust, dirt, and any other abrasive particles, so you want to keep it clean to maintain your car at optimum performance. You can pull out your oil filter and clean it from time to time in between filter changes. If you live in a region with low pollution or low dust levels, changing your filter once a year should be enough. In areas where these levels are higher, you’ll need to change it with more frequency.

The Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter really doesn’t do much to improve your vehicle’s overall health. It’s more for your benefit. Those same dust particles that gather in your air filter collect in the cabin air filter. This filter prevents pollen and dust floating in the air from entering your cabin and affecting your health. The cabin air filter basically keeps your breathing air much cleaner. It should also be changed once a year unless you live in a very dusty area.

For Your New Filters and Synthetic Oil Changes in Ham Lake

AMSOIL has an excellent line of top quality oil for your next synthetic oil change. Try their XL 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, ideal for long oil change intervals. They also have the filters you need to keep your engine clean and in optimal shape. You can call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get what you need in Ham Lake, or you can visit AMSOIL’s online store.

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