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Maintenance Tips for Your Car

The summer is a great time to go on a trip, but be sure your vehicle is ready to take on the blistering heat. Getting your car inspected can help it survive the hot summer months without any real issues. Getting basic aspects of your car inspected and fixing any small issues can help you avoid larger problems in the long run. Here at All Service Oil in Ham Lake, we have some tips to help you and your car make the most of the summer months safely and securely.

Keep Your Engine Cool

Keep your engine cool and avoid breakdowns due to overheating. The summer heat can affect your cooling system and cause problems for your engine. Get your radiator checked to make sure there is nothing blocking the flow of air and that the hoses are functioning properly. Check the coolant and make sure there is enough in  your vehicle.  If you notice your air conditioner isn't at its best, clean it out. Have a professional inspect the Freon and get it filled if necessary.

Tire Check

Your vehicle's tires are very important in ensuring your safety as you drive. Keep in mind that the summer heat can affect your tires' air pressure. Get the pressure checked and make any necessary changes. Make sure to also inspect the tread on each tire. The hot asphalt can cause more problems for tires that are already a bit run down.

Oil Change

Getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles is the standard, but remember that if your vehicle is being used more strenuously oil changes are needed more often. If you're planning in taking a road trip this summer, it might be a good idea to get an oil change before your trip. If you usually stick to conventional oil for your vehicle, consider trying out synthetic oil this summer. Synthetic oil tends to perform more consistently in the extreme weather the summer may produce.

AMSOIL Products in Ham Lake

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