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Before hopping onto an ATV and hitting the trail, it's important that you know how to ride it safely. To ensure you have the best ride, use these ATV safety tips from All Service Oil in Ham Lake.

Use These Safety Tips When Riding Your ATV

If you're getting ready for ATV riding season, don't forget that safety should be part of your prep. While being out on the trail can be loads of fun, it's important that you remember that ATVs can also be dangerous. To stay safe out there, use these tips.

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Wear the Right Gear

Before every ride, it's important that you ensure you're properly dressed for the trail. This may not seem all that important, but it's an easy way to keep yourself safe. Start by ensuring you have a good, DOT-certified helmet. This should be the right size for you so that it will be comfortable and effective if it's ever called to action. You should also wear long sleeves and long pants to keep your skin covered from the sun and the elements. This can prevent scratches and abrasions caused by debris as well. Always wear goggles to keep wind, dirt, and other debris out of your eyes. This will ensure you always have a clear view of the trail. Gloves and boots are also a must as they create a barrier between your body and the trail. The gloves will also give you a better grip on your handles.

Stay on the Trail

There are designated trails made for ATV riding for a reason, so don't stray from these. Leaving the trail puts you in danger as well as other drivers who may not expect to see you on the road. It's best if you don't ride on paved roads either because this can cause more wear on your ATV. If you do need to cross a paved road, do it carefully.

Stick to the Age Requirements

If you're an avid rider and want to take your children out with you, it's important that you know what the laws and requirements are for them. Check local laws to ensure you're not breaking them. If you're planning to let your children ride their own ATV, be sure their ride is the right size for them. Generally, 90 cc engines are for people older than 16 years of age because of their power. Keep in mind that any child under 16 should be supervised while riding because it can be quite dangerous.

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Never Ride Under the Influence

This may sound basic, but just like when driving, you should never ride after having consumed alcohol or drugs. You may be even less protected on an ATV than in a car, putting you in even more danger on the trail. It's best to ride when your judgment isn't being impaired by anything including alcohol and medication. If you're tired and haven't slept, it's also best to put off ATV riding for when you're well-rested and alert.

Take the Proper Safety Precautions

There are some basic thinsg you should know about being on the trail that you should never forget. For starters, don't push your ride to do more than it's supped to. This can lead to serious wear and tear, which can be expensive to repair. It can also put you in a dangerous situation that could have easily been avoided. Always ride in a pack just in case. You don't want to be stranded all on your own in the middle of a trail not knowing when and if someone will come by. Carry a small toolkit just in case you run into trouble on the road. This can come in handy, so don't forget it at home.

Sign up for a Safety Refresher

It's never a bad idea to sign up for a riding course, whether you're new to ATV riding or simply coming back to it after a while. This will help you get comfortable on your ride and will help you feel more in control on the trail.

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