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Cold weather is still here and it will remain for a little while longer. If you’re one of those people who aren’t afraid to ride their motorcycles in the cold, this guide to safe riding during the winter can be useful for you.

Riding your Motorcycle in the Ham Lake Cold

Just because it’s cold outside it doesn’t mean that you have you have to say goodbye to your motorcycle for the season. The weather might not be ideal for a casual cruise, but it is possible as long as you and your bike are properly prepared. Checking your tires, getting a wintertime synthetic oil change, and wearing the right attire are only some of the measures you can take before riding your bike. All Service Oil wants you to be a safe rider which is way they bring you this guide to winter motorcycle driving in Ham Lake.

Wear the Proper Attire

Wintertime isn’t the time to focus on fashion, it’s a time to remain warm. The air gets colder the faster you go and it can be downright painful. But who wants to be riding their bike feeling bulky from all those heavy winter clothes? Fortunately, there are many options that can keep you warm without the added bulk. There’s motorcycle gear specifically designed for cold weather. Start with your underwear. There is a wide range of thermal underwear, they may be thin but they do a very good job at keeping you warm without having to wear multiple layers which can limit your movement. Look for cold weather accessories like balaclavas, knee warmers, neck warms, woolen socks, and gloves. When it comes to gloves, bigger doesn’t mean warmer. Invest on high quality gloves. It’s important that your extremities be warm and protected or you might not be able to work the levers properly. Leather jackets may be great to cut the wind, but they can get really cold and stiff. They’re not an ideal choice for the winter. Instead, look for quality textile gear that is actually meant to be worn in the cold.

Go for Thinner Oil

The best oil to use during the cold months is a thinner option. Thinner oils improve your bike’s performance, especially after starting it. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations on winter oils. Some manufacturers suggest you stick to only one weight oil, regardless of the temperature outside. Make sure the viscosity grade has the letter “W” next to it (30W or 20W) since it stands for “winter”. If you’re looking for a great oil option in Ham Lake try AMSOIL synthetic oil.  Among their many synthetic oil options they have the 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and the 10W-30 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil options which you can acquire from their online store or by calling Mike Ford at All Service Oil. If you’re not sure what to get, they will be give you a few pointers and suggestions for a successful synthetic oil change if you call: (763) 257-3130.  Don't forget to ask about their their fuel additive options and how you can benefit from them as well.

The Tires are Very Important

First and foremost, check your tire’s birth date. There is a four digit code in your tires. The first to digits tell you the week they were manufactured and the other two, tell you the year. Anything older than 6 years is not safe to use. If it’s past their date or they’re looking really shabby, it’s time to change them. Consider getting all-weather tires which will be useful in the cold and the heat. When you ride your motorcycle during the summertime your tires heat up quickly as you drive. This allows better traction and gives you improved control of your machine. However, tires find it harder to reach that heat when the weather is really cold. Accelerating and decelerating can help your tires get warm. You have to help your tires even more by constantly checking their pressure using a gauge. Tires lose around 1-2 pounds of air pressure per every 10 degrees dropped.

Be Mindful and Honest with Yourself

Sometimes we try to push our boundaries because we think we can go even further. Riding with cold weather isn’t one of those times. Hypothermia is a serious matter. Don’t ignore any of its early symptoms, like uncontrolled shivering, numb extremities, and slow reaction. Listen to your body and make sure you take frequent stops to hydrate and eat a healthy snack. Get a hot beverage that will allow you to raise your body temperature. Pay close attention on the weather forecasts, if there’s a chance of major snow, refrain yourself for using your bike. Or if you feel like you need to ride, buy a kit to create studded snow tires. Whatever you decide to do, be extra cautious and follow the Minnesota Deparment of Public Safety motorcycle rules.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change this Winter in Ham Lake

Be a careful motorcycle owner and keep your bike winter ready with the right winter supplies. The appropriate tires, gear, and a thinner oil is what you need to be safe driving the cold roads. Call All Service Oil to get your supplies for an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. Their number is (763) 257-3130 and they will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

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