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Your summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without a day in a boat, as this is the perfect activity to enjoy during the sunny days. Keep in mind that there are certain task that you should perform to avoid any setbacks and costly repairs. That’s why at All Service Oil in Ham Lake, we would like to share useful advice on preparing your boat for summer. 

Wash Your Boat

Although this may seem obvious, many boat owners seem to forget about this simple but crucial chore. Use fresh water to clean your boat after every use, as this is very important to remove debris that can damage your paint, especially after boating in salt water to prevent corrosion. Waxing your boat is a good idea, however you should only use eco-friendly products. 

Change the Oil

Regardless the type and size of your motor, you should change the oil on a regular basis, otherwise the excessive wear and high temperatures can damage it. It’s estimated that you should change the oil after 100 hours of operation or every year. 

Take Your Boat to Service

Last but not least, taking your boat to service is a great idea to prevent any upsetting scenarios. Remember that a professional mechanic has the expertise and equipment to check certain details that also require attention, so be sure to have an inspection performed by a professional at least every season. 

These are just some ideas that will improve the performance of your boat and that will ensure you have a perfect ride. If you are a muscle car enthusiast, there are many chores that you have to carry out on a regular basis to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, so be sure to read our guide to maintain your valuable asset. 

Synthetic Oil in Ham Lake

Keep in mind that synthetic oils have many advantages over petroleum based oils, as they have  better viscosity performance at low and high temperatures, that will improve your fuel economy. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Ham Lake, think about All Service Oil for your AMSOIL needs. Call (763) 257-3130 to learn more about our products.

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