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Many people include at least one New Year’s Resolution that involves being healthier in some way. Whether it is to exercise more, eat more veggies, or avoid negative thinking, bettering themselves is their goal this year. Perhaps you are one of those people. You should be considering that your car’s health is equally important as yours and that it should be part of your resolutions. Here are few tips, All Service Oil brings to you, to keep your car running smoothly and looking like a million bucks.

How to Be a Better Car Owner This Year

Be Clean

The first thing you should do to take care of your car is to keep it clean and beautiful. After a week of driving around or just remaining idle and parked, your car collects lots of dirt and dust. Take out a bucket full of soapy water and give it a good wash. Go the extra mile and wax it too. If the winter cold makes washing your car unappealing, then take it to the car wash. Don’t forget the inside counts too. It’s very common to use your car as a trashcan, closet, or storage area. Carrying a lot of unnecessary stuff in there makes it look bad. And it’s not only about looks, all that extra weight makes your vehicle work harder and burn off more fuel. You’re spending more at the gas station just because you keep collecting things in your car. Remove everything you don’t need and if you feel up to it, vacuum and wash your seats and carpets too.

Be Aware of Symptoms

Sometimes you’re so used to your cars sounds that you don’t even think about them being an issue. You could be dealing with a faulty transmission, a head gasket about to blow, or some bigger problem that you’re just ignoring. This year, should be the year where you are more attentive to suspicious sounds and behavior coming from your car. You could be saving a lot of money just by being mindful.

Be Up to Date with your Fluids

You’re happily cruising in your car when a big bug decides to fly into your windshield, as you try to clean it off you realize there’s no wiper fluid and all you have left is a dead bug smeared all over your glass. Don’t let this happen to you, keep all the fluids topped off or, if needed, replaced. Check your coolant, wiper fluid, and your oil. In fact, give synthetic oil a try if you’re using it right now. Yes, you will be spending some more but you’ll soon see the benefits of getting a synthetic oil change. If you are wondering which oil you should use, the answer is AMSOIL synthetic oil. If you are now thinking where you should get your AMSOIL synthetic oil from, the answer is All Service Oil in Anoka County. They have all the products you need for that synthetic oil change, including oil filters! Call them up at:  (763) 257-3130 and visit their online store to find the synthetic oil that fits your needs.

Be Respectful with your Maintenance Appointments

Your car needs those maintenance appointments. You shouldn’t just take your car when you’re driving out of town. Schedule at least 2 yearly maintenance appointments.

Be Mindful of your Tires

Tire pressure changes along with the weather, so it should be checked constantly. Driving with too much or too little air can be really dangerous for you and your fellow drivers. Not to mention tires affect your gas mileage too. So if they’re in need of air, fill them up. If they look worn and almost bad, it’s time to replace them.

Be an Eco-Driver

If you are looking for ways to get better mileage from your gas tank, being an eco-driver could be the way to go. To be an eco-driver you don’t need to get an electric or a hybrid car, simply by being more conscientious about driving can help out. Drive smoothly, stick to the speed limits, keep your tires properly inflated, and be constant with your car maintenance appointments. Sounds easy, right? To learn more about eco driving click here.

Get you AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Anoka County

Being a better car owner is not that hard. You basically just have keep your car clean, take for regular maintenance, and keep the fluids topped off. The most important fluid of all is the oil. Get a synthetic oil change just to try it out. All Service Oil has all the AMSOIL products you need to make the change. Just call them at: (763) 257-3130 to place your order.

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