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Learning about personal protective gear is essential to improve motorcycle safety. To that end, this post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake has listed the main items you need to minimize riding risks.

Heading out to the open road on a motorcycle is exhilarating because it allows you to connect and feel all around you, such as the wind on your face, the landscape, the speed, and the overall road's conditions. However, this sense of freedom and riding pleasure comes with its fair share of risks since there are no seatbelts or airbags to rely on for protection. Therefore, riding a motorcycle requires a high level of awareness; in other words, you must consider that being exposed to the road entails hazardous situations at which you must be cautious. To that end, learning about personal protective gear is key to ensure motorcycle safety.

Find Out The Main Motorcycle Safety Riding Gear


Something as simple as wearing a helmet can save your life if encountering a motorcycle hazard; therefore, helmets are a must-have gear. This safety item comprises several layers, being the most important the inner liner made of thick, crushable foam. If you were to fall from your motorbike, this material softens the force against your head by resisting and dissipating the impact. Considering that, it's worth noting that according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the use of helmets during motorcycle rides reduces the risk of fatal injuries by 37 percent. Since wearing a helmet protects your head, ears, and neck, it's important to use one that fits properly. To that end, you don't want a helmet that tilts or wobbles when you move your head while riding, so make sure to choose one that feels snug and firm to you.

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Eye Protection

Given that good visibility allows you to maneuver your motorcycle safely, it's important to protect your eyes from typical hurdles on the road. For example, riding towards a bright sunset might cause you to squint due to light sensitivity; other times, you might get your eyes hurt by flying bugs or gravel; even riding through a dusty road might get you teary. On the whole, you must prevent getting your visibility hindered while riding; after all, it is dangerous and could lead you to lose control of your motorcycle. Luckily, there are various options available to protect your eyes on the road. You can turn to motorcycle goggles, visors, helmet eye shields, and riding lenses. Although you can use average shades to ride, you can't entirely rely on them because they aren't as resistant as lenses built solely for riding purposes; to that end, it's better to use motorcycle glasses.

Riding Gloves

If you wonder about the purpose of gloves, remember that your hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body while riding. For instance, if a road hazard arises, you'll probably land on your hands; considering that, it's imperative to protect them with motorcycle gloves. Simply put, this piece of safety gear reduces impact-related risks to your wrists and knuckles. Plus, given that your hands operate all your motorcycle's controls, gloves also serve as performance enhancers by supporting your fingers for a smoother grip on the throttle, the front brakes, and the clutch. Furthermore, keep in mind that your hands can freeze during winter; hence, gloves keep them warm and comfortable to overcome challenging weather conditions. All in all, gloves provide more than just protection; therefore, make sure to wear them at all riding times.

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Motorcycle Boots

Considering that riding a motorcycle requires a lot of footwork, boots are a must-have safety gear. For starters, to make yourself stable on the bike, you must actively balance your weight by adjusting your foot positioning, especially if you ride a sport bike. Nonetheless, your feet are vulnerable to get a sprained ankle or a fracture while riding; therefore, you must ensure proper foot protection by wearing over the ankle boots. On the whole, you require something to firmly hold and support your ankles, shins, and calves; to that end, don't skip on wearing suitable motorcycle boots.

Jacket and Pants

When it comes to protecting your skin against road rash injuries, it is super important to wear proper gear. To that end, make sure to get a motorcycle jacket with pads build in for shoulders, elbows, and back; that way, you can minimize injury upon impact. As for your legs, you can always wear jeans; hence, motorcycle pants with abrasion-resistant fabric are more reliable to prevent asphalt scrapes if you were to tumble off from your motorcycle.

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