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Keep your riding mower clean and ready to make the most out of your yard this mowing season! Improve its efficiency and lifespan by following the maintenance tips below by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

The warm weather and rain may cause the grass to grow and change the overall look of your garden or yard. Of course, that only means it's time to ride your lawn mower! To that end, a clean and efficient mower can make a big difference for your lawn care, so make sure to give it proper maintenance by reading the following tips by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

Things to Consider Before Performing Maintenance

  • Before each inspection, make sure to remove the spark plug so that the mower won't accidentally start.
  • Every engine is different; therefore, it's vital to familiarize yourself with your mower's maintenance requirements by going through your operator's manual.
  • Each mower has its own time intervals to get proper routine checks; however, it is essential to give it general maintenance once a year at least.
  • The best time to check and clean your riding lawn mower is right after mowing. The longer you wait, the more challenging it will be.
  • Before putting your mower away for the winter, consider giving it a thorough clean and inspection.

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Inspect Oils And Coolant Levels

A well-maintained riding mower can perform at top efficiency for many years; to that end, its engine requires proper lubrication with essential fluids and liquids. For that reason, ensure correct fluid levels on the main components; such as:
  • Engine oil: This fluid helps your engine reach optimal temperature and reduces friction wear. Make sure your mower has the recommended levels.
  • Coolant: Your lawn tractor needs coolant to avoid overheating and corrosion. Check its levels and refill if necessary.
  • Transmission Oil: This lube helps the transmission system shift energy from the engine to the wheels; therefore, don't skip its level checking.

Make Sure Your Air Filter Is Clean

Most riding mower engines are air-cooled and need a steady airflow to perform efficiently. To that end, an air filter's main job is to clean the air that gets inside the engine by removing pollen particles, dust, and other airborne debris. However, after a whole season of mowing under dusty air and flying grass shavings, your air filter might be clogged; therefore, make sure to check it regularly to keep it clean and efficient.

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Check The Spark Plug

This small component is essential for your mower's combustion cycles. Without it, the engine wouldn't run nor burn fuel. To inspect the spark plug, make sure your mower's engine is cooled down to remove it. Then, you can give it a thorough clean with a wire brush to look for signs of wear or damage, such as a cracked insulator or a worn electrode. Furthermore, it's essential to measure the spark plug gap with a feeler gauge to ensure it has the specified millimeters pointed out in the operator's manual. If everything is good, you can install the spark plug back; otherwise, be sure to replace it.

Pay Close Attention to Your Tires

Tires are not easy to dismiss! For this reason, make sure your mower is running on the correct tire pressure. If you have over-or under-inflated tires, remember that incorrect air pressure may lead to engine stress, traction issues, possible failure, and fuel waste. To that end, look into your operator's manual to verify the correct air pressure for each tire. Additionally, you can spray the tires with soapy water to ensure they don't have bubbles caused by air leaks. Last but not least, look for missing or loosened lug bolts, cracks on the tread, or any other signs of tire wear or damage.

Get Your Lawn Tractor Cleaned

When your mower's undercarriage accumulates matted grass, mud, and soil-related dirt, it develops rust buildup beneath the mower. If left unclean, the mower's blades may reduce performance due to corrosion obstruction, and the engine may wear out more quickly. For that reason, make sure to verify your owner's manual cleaning instructions to give your mower a thorough clean.

Improve your riding mower's performance and lifespan by giving it top-quality products like AMSOIL's 10W-40 Synthetic Small Engine Oil. Speak with an expert at Mike Ford Shop about the benefits of getting the most effective synthetic oil in Ham Lake. Find the best products for your engine by calling (763) 257-3130, or place an order by visiting AMSOIL's online shop.


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