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You don't need to purchase a new car to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some easy tips to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Making Your Car Eco-Friendly in Anoka County

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we should all be concerned ; they. While electric or hybrid cars are a good option, they are not meant for everyone. Not all of us have the money or the ability to switch to a battery-powered vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t need one of these cars to become a more eco-friendly driver. Although if you’re thinking of getting a new car, here are Forbes choices for the best eco-friendly cars of 2017. There are some ways you can you can make your car greener and reduce its negative impact on the environment without purchasing a new car, and All Service Oil has enlisted some of them for you.

What Makes a Car Eco-Friendly?

An eco-friendly car is one that produces lower carbon emissions. Low emissions make the environment safer because they reduce the risk of climate changes and health hazards due to the inhalation of carbon compounds. Eco-friendly cars use less toxic fuels such as biodiesel, natural gas, and ethanol. They also have the advantage of saving money since they use other types of fuel that don't burn as fast as the regular kind. A car that burns less fuel is kinder to the environment. So the key to owning a more environmentally conscious car is finding ways to burn off less gas. Follow these easy tips and be smarter when pumping gas to have a greener vehicle.

Keep up With Your Car Maintenance and Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Keeping up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule can increase its longevity and reduce your fuel expenses. Whether you choose to take your car to the mechanic for tune ups, or if you decide to do it at home, be sure to be constant. One thing you can easily do is change your oil. When you use conventional oil, you need to do it around every 3,000 miles or three months since the oil starts to break down and lose its lubricating properties. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a synthetic oil change instead, your oil change intervals will be longer. Synthetic oil is also more environmentally friendly than conventional oil.  Since you have to change it less often, there’s less oil being thrown away. You can even get an option for that gives you longer synthetic oil change intervals, AMSOIL’s XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil is the product you need for this. You can get your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil online, or you can call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get everything you need for a synthetic oil change in Anoka County. When you get your car tuned up, ask the mechanic to check the spark plugs as well. The spark plugs ignite the mixture of air and fuel in the engine cylinders and create the energy to make your car move. They need to be checked every 30,000 miles to ensure they're not broken or dirty, which will lead them to burn more fuel.

Keep Your Tires in Good Shape

The tire pressure influences how hard the engine works and how much fuel it takes to keep your car moving. If they’re underinflated, your motor needs to work extra hard and burn more fuel to keep those wheels rolling. One quick trip to the gas station to adjust your tire pressure can boost your fuel economy and make your car safer for the environment. Also, properly inflated tires last longer. Trust your owner’s manual or the sticker on the side of the driver’s door to know the correct pressure. The type of tires you own also has a significant impact on how much gas your car consumes. Look for tires with a  low-rolling-resistance, which are specially developed to reduce the natural deformation of the tires. They also create less heat, meaning they waste less energy and could potentially save you up to 100 gallons of fuel.

Check the Radiator

The engine needs to be at perfect temperature for optimal performance, not too hot and not too cold. The friction between the engine’s metal parts can quickly raise the temperature and cause it to overheat. The radiator and the cooling system are in charge of regulating the motor’s temperature. The system has a thermostat that tells the radiator how much it needs to work to maintain the correct temperature. If the thermostat is broken, it can make your engine perform inefficiently, or it can even cause the radiator gasket to blow due to extreme heat. Have your radiator and cooling system checked if you notice that the temperature gauge on your dashboard is not in the middle. Fixing a faulty system can help improve your fuel economy and avoid costly repairs.

Examine the Emissions System

The emissions system is in charge of cleaning and minimizing the fumes that come out of the tailpipe. If even a tiny thing is wrong with it, the greenhouse gases produced by your car will double. Cars are smart; they let you know when something is wrong. If the check engine light illuminates in your dashboard, get it examined right away. The Environmental Protection Agency declared that cars are legally obligated to meet a certain emissions standard to reduce smog and maintain the air clean. It’s your responsibility as a car-owner to follow it.

Start Saving Fuel With a Synthetic Oil Change in Anoka County

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil can help you get more mileage out of your gas tank; you should give it a try. For even more ways to reduce your gas expenses, check out this post. Remember that you can get everything you need for a synthetic oil change in Anoka County by calling All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 and placing your order. Alternatively, you can visit their online store and check out their whole inventory.

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