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Easy to Follow Tips to Increase Your Fuel Economy

You might be a sports car fanatic, a boat enthusiast or be crazy for motorbikes, but there’s one thing we all have in common – we don’t want to pay more than we have to for gas. We also don’t want to waste time at the gas station when we could be out on the open road. So, what can you do to stop your dollars from disappearing out of your exhaust pipe? The experts at Amsoil Dealer – All Service Oil want to share our top tips on how to make the most of every precious dollar you spend on gas.

Turn off Your Engine When Stationary

Are you the kind of driver that goes to collect a friend and waits 10 minutes outside with the engine running? Turning your engine off every time you are stationary for more than 30 seconds could significantly reduce your fuel costs.

Be Mileage-Efficient

Got places to go and have people to see? Before setting off it is worth taking some time to think about what is the best route to go to minimize the amount of miles covered in your daily activities. Remember! Mileage means money! It’s also best to avoid going through areas of town where you’re likely to encounter a lot of traffic as crawling along in first gear burns more fuel that cruising on the open road and is nowhere near as enjoyable.

Give Your Engine a Breather

Remember to have a look at your air filter. The purpose of this nifty little device is to stop particles like dust and soil getting into your engine. If it is full of dirt and not functioning correctly, this puts a strain on your engine and can make your fuel costs skyrocket. Check your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended interval for changing your filter.

Upgrade Your Oil

Traditional oils can be unstable, breaking down at both low and high temperatures and leaving deposits in your engine. This can decrease fuel efficiency and increase the frequency of trips to the gas station, as well as increasing the risks of mechanic’s costs in the future. Call Amsoil Dealer – All Service Oil now at (763) 257-3130 to get the right product for a synthetic oil change in Anoka County and feel the difference in your car's performance and the increase in fuel-efficiency for yourself.

Say Goodbye to Extra Weight

Carrying unnecessary items in your vehicle increases its weight and therefore reduces the amount of miles you get to the gallon. Do you need to be carrying your entire tool kit around with you? What about that recycling that you keep meaning to do? Cut down on excess baggage and you’ll reduce your fuel costs too.

Remember to Check Your Tire Pressure

If you’re cruising around with one tire which is less well-inflated than the others, this can cause your vehicle to become lopsided. This alters its biomechanics and increases the energy required to move the vehicle, in turn increasing fuel consumption. Rotating your tires regularly to reduce wear and tear, as well as making sure to check your tire pressure at regular intervals can help to maximize fuel efficiency and lower costs.

Take a Break from the Brake

Constantly speeding up and slowing down slugs much more gas than maintaining a constant cruising speed. Try anticipating situations in which you will have to slow down, such as traffic lights or sharp bends, and take your foot off the gas ahead of time instead of reaching for the brakes. This should lead to a smoother ride for your passengers and a fuller wallet for you.

Cut the Air Con

Are you always heating your vehicle up, or cooling it down? Do you wind those windows up and hit the air con as soon as you set-off? This can be a significant drain on your fuel and is often unnecessary. On milder days, try winding down those windows and feeling a natural breeze and you should notice the difference in your fuel gauge.

Get the Right Product for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Anoka County

By following these simple tips, you can keep your vehicle in optimal condition as well as maximizing fuel efficiency. Switching to synthetic oil can not only help increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency but also protect it better from wear and prolong its lifespan. To get the right product for your synthetic oil change in Anoka County, call the experts at Amsoil Dealer – All Service Oil now at (763) 257-3130.

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