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Checking your oil is a painless and quick task that is sometimes overlooked. By checking your engine oil and changing it when necessary you can save your engine from permanent damage before it becomes a mayor problem. The experts at All Service Oil know how important it is to keep your oil on check and want to provide you with a brief guide on how to check your vehicle's oil.

Steps to Check the Motor Oil Level

  • Check to make sure your engine is not very hot. If you were driving and it has heated let it cool off so you do not get burned.
  • Some cars require a quick warm up to properly check the oil. Review your car owner manual for to see if your vehicle requires this, or other special procedures before you begin.
  • Once you are ready, lift the hood of the car and locate the dipstick.
  • Have a paper towel or something ready to wipe the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it on the towel.
  • Once it is clean, proceed to insert the dipstick into the tube. Make sure that it is pushed all the way inside.
  • Pull out the dipstick once again. Carefully look at where you see the oil marked. Most dipsticks have MIN or MAX written on them, or a marking that is either an L for low and a H for high. They might also have just two lines. The bottom line indicates the minimum level of oil that your car should have.
  • Once you observe where the oil has left a mark on the dipstick, you will notice if it is below the bottom mark, above, or reaching the upper line. If it is below the bottom line or marking then you urgently need to add oil to the engine, if it is between the low and high mark you might need to add just some. If the oil mark is nearest to the upper line the engine should be fine but you should continue to check the car's oil level on a regular basis.
  • The Importance of Checking Your Oil

    When you periodically check the oil level of your engine you can prevent a lot of damage and serious problems that can arise. There are many causes of engine breakdown that could have been preventing by maintaining the oil levels on check and using the proper motor oil. When it comes to motor oil the most recommended type of oil is synthetic oil, for more information on the many benefits of synthetic oil visit our previous post. The oil is the blood of your car, and the better condition or quality it is, then the better your vehicle will perform, and the longer it will last.

    Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis

    Here at All Service Oil we provide the highest quality synthetic oil in Minneapolis. The very best in motor oil choose only Amsoil synthetic oil. To purchase Amsoil oil in Minneapolis call (763) 257-3130 today. We have everything for all your car maintenance needs and offer only the highest quality products, contact us now.

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