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When the road turns stressful, some drivers can bring out unsafe and aggressive driving behaviors. To learn how to deal with and avoid road rage, read the following tips by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake.

Have you experienced a feeling of tension building up when being stuck in traffic, being cut off by another driver, or driving in a hurry? Just about any driver has felt stress behind the wheel; in fact, it is not uncommon when motorists express their exasperation by honking or yelling; however, road rage is more than that. To learn helpful information about aggressive driving and how to avoid road rage, read this post by Mike Ford Shop.

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What is Road Rage Behavior?

As a driver, it's crucial to identify unsafe driving behaviors; in other words, road rage. Basically, this term comprises any dangerous, impulsive, and aggressive action triggered by road inconveniences when driving. In fact, most road rage actions are considered criminal offenses, such as physically assaulting another driver, tailgating, bumping another car, ramming, throwing objects to another motorist or vehicle, among other high-risk behaviors.

How to Avoid Road Rage Encounters

The road gathers all types of drivers. While some endure unfavorable road incidents and forgive others' driving mistakes, others find road difficulties unbearable and triggering. Considering that, you must prepare yourself to deal with low-tolerance drivers; after all, you could be the target of road rage behavior at some point; thus, read on to find safe ways to de-escalate any challenging encounter with an angry driver:
  • Don't make eye contact: In order to avoid engaging in an anger-fueled dispute with another driver, make sure to keep your eyes on the road and avoid eye contact when being approached aggressively by another motorist.
  • Avoid being reactive to aggressions: When dealing with an aggressive driver, you have two options; first, you can avoid responding to aggression with aggression and arrive at your destination safely; or secondly, you can be reactive and get yourself involved in a road rage encounter. Needless to say, you want to avoid any negative outcome; therefore, keep away from aggressive reactions and remain safe.
  • Call for help if needed: Instead of engaging with an angry-fueled driver in any shape or form, you can report them by calling 311. Plus, if another road user gets out of control and threatens or assaults you, you can call for help at 911.

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Avoid Aggressive Driving With These Tips

Apart from dealing with enraged drivers, it's important to learn how to handle your stress behind the wheel to improve your overall safety. After all, even the most polite driver can fall into driving strain. Therefore, you want to be prepared to endure rough road conditions, rush hour traffic, or any other inconvenience that might trigger some aggressive behaviors that could escalate to road rage. So, to stay safe and remain calm when driving, read the following tips:
  • Organize your time and commuting route: Each person's driving is affected by their busy schedules and routes; for example, if your job requires you to run several errands in a short time, chances are you are more prone to aggressive driving than someone who drives less. So, to avoid falling into stress-fueled driving, improve your time management by adjusting all your clocks 15 or 20 minutes earlier; by doing this, you won't be so stressed out about time while being on the road. Plus, make sure to use a live traffic app to keep an eye on your daily commuting route's conditions; that way, you can take an alternative route if you notice an incident or obstructed traffic flow through the app.
  • Play relaxing music: Any road inconvenience can be navigated easier by listening to soothing music, a fun podcast, or an audiobook. So, the next time you feel the stress of driving building up, play something calming and center your attention in listening rather than focusing on the traffic or the other drivers.
  • Be polite on the road: It's not uncommon to see friendly and polite people changing their behavior when driving through stressful situations. If you feel like you go more aggressively when roads turn unfavorable, remember that succumbing to hostile behaviors is unsafe and could lead to road rage encounters. On the whole, choose to be comprehensive for other drivers' unintentional mistakes and do your best to keep calm when driving through stressful commuting distances and routes.

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