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The temperature outside isn't the only reason why your engine may be overheating. There are several other factors that  can affect your engine's temperature.

Some of the Reasons Why Your Engine Can Overheat

It’s common for vehicles to overheat during the summer. As the mercury rises, the engine's temperature does too. However the heat outside isn’t the only one to blame for your overheating vehicle, there are multiple reasons why this can be happening. All Service Oil wants to help stay safe on the road and not stranded next to it. so they bring you this list of possible reasons why your car overheats in Ham Lake.

There’s Not Enough Coolant

One of the easiest, if not the easiest, problem to find and fix is a low coolant. Just check your coolant reservoir and top it off to the proper level. On a pinch you can use water, but you better replace it soon with a mix of antifreeze and water. Be careful never to mix different antifreeze together. Now you need to check why your coolant is leaking out. If it’s a persistent problem there’s probably a radiator leak or a leak somewhere else in the cooling system. If it’s a  one time thing, it’s not a problem chances are that it was just an air pocket in the cooling system.

Damaged Water Pump

It’s tough to diagnose a damaged water pump and unfortunately most water pump problems are internal so it needs to be removed and be checked for defects. The water pump keeps water circulating through the cooling system. If the impeller inside the pump breaks down it will stop turning and the heat will remain stuck there growing until your car finally overheats.

Your Engine is Running Low on Oil

As you know, motor oil lubricate your engine, preventing the metal parts from rubbing together to create friction and even more heat. If your oil is running low the constant metal grinding will raise the temperature levels and cause your engine to overheat. Furthermore oil doesn’t just lubricate, it helps lower the engine’s temperature by absorbing some of the heat and transferring it elsewhere. Motor oil does up to 40 percent of the engine’s cooling process. While on the subject of motor oil, for even further protection you should be using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Everything you need for a synthetic oil change from their Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil to Ea Oil Filters can be found at their online store. If you’d rather talk to someone about your synthetic oil options call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get all the necessary tools for a synthetic oil change in Ham Lake.

Some Type of Blockage

It could possibly be that there is something obstructing the coolant circulation through the cooling system. If the coolant doesn’t flow, the radiator can’t diffuse the heat. Usually the problem is that the thermostat isn’t opening when it should. It may also be that there are mineral deposits gathering in the radiator or a foreign object is stuck in the cooling system. If the radiator doesn’t receive proper air flow the heat can’t be transferred out of the antifreeze. You need to pop open the hood and check if there’s anything blocking the area between the grill and the radiator or the area between the condenser and the radiator. You can commonly find trash, bugs, plastic bags, leaves, and general debris that’s easy to clean out.

Oil is Leaking into the Cooling System

Oil in the radiator is never good, but it can happen, the transmission or the engine oil can both leak into the cooling system. If the transmission oil cooler inside your radiator leaks, it will enter the cooling system. If there’s a crack head or cylinder wall in your engine, the sneaky motor oil will find its way into the cooling system as well. Unfortunately these problems can turn out to be very costly and you will need to get your car fixed as soon as possible.

A Leaking Radiator

Radiator leaks are not uncommon and they cause the coolant level to drop and the engine to overheat. If the leak is found when it’s still small, you can easily get it fixed before it becomes a big issue. If this is the case the coolant will leak slowly, however, it can also happen that the radiator pops and out goes all the coolant. Check your radiator for any leaks next time you go for your summer maintenance and  synthetic oil change. Catching a leak on time can save you a lot of money, worry, and an overheated engine, of course.

 A Synthetic Oil Change in Ham Lake Can Keep Your Engine Cool

If a low oil level is the one to blame for your overheated engine, you can easily fix it by getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. You can browse through AMSOIL's online store to make your purchase, or simply call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get what you need in Ham Lake.

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