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Driving during the hotter months of the year has its fair share of challenges. Make sure you're ready for them so that you can be safe with this post that Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake has put together for you.

The hotter days of the year can be great for a trip to the beach, to get an ice cream cone, to enjoy a fishing adventure, or to feel the warmth on your skin. However great as it may seem at times, it also comes with some challenges. For example, if you're a driver, you may face a few challenges on the road because of the spring and summer months. If you want to be safe behind the wheel during this time of the year, you need to be ready to face those challenges successfully. To learn some tips on how you can achieve just that, the post below has some that you should take into consideration.

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How to Drive Safely in the Spring and Summer

Learn to Drive Safely in the Rain

For many places around the world, the hottest months of the year are also the wettest. For this reason, it's imperative that you prepare properly to drive safely in the rain. After all, the rain can make the road more slippery and your visibility less effective, which is why you have to be on high alert. To drive safely, you should:
  • Allow more space between yourself and the other objects, vehicles, people, and animals around you, since the wet floors can make stopping much harder.
  • Get your tires and brakes inspected to make sure that they won't malfunction when you need them the most. Go to a mechanic to get a good idea of their condition and provide the fine-tuning they need.
  • Get a good look at the battery, too, since it's responsible for powering many of the features you will need in case it starts raining as you drive (for example, the wipers, lights, and the 'defrost' setting).
  • Of course, you should also guarantee that your lights are all working correctly. Check that the headlights, blinkers, stoplights, hazards, beams, and other lights in your vehicle will work when you need to see and be seen during the rain.
  • Lastly, inspect that your wipers are in good condition. After some time, use, exposure to the sun, and more, they can wear down and become ineffective, which can be terrible news when it's pouring down rain.

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Prepare for the Intensely Sunny Days

Not only is it rainy out, but it can get intensely sunny, too. This means that you will have to fight the glaring sunshine, the unbearable heat, and the challenges they bring with them. Plus, if there was still snow on the road, you will also have to deal with that melting off and creating more challenging driving conditions. To handle this effectively, do the following:
  • Once again, increase the space between you and others. This way, if you're blinded by the glare or the road is slippery due to melting ice, you can have more time to stop fully before hitting others with your vehicle.
  • The brakes also needed extra care to continue working as expected. Make sure they have the braking fluid they need to get your vehicle to slow down or stop completely successfully.
  • The intense heat will also raise the temperatures in your vehicle, which is why you need a functioning cooling system to help regulate it and avoid your vehicle overheating and shutting down.
  • To protect your vehicle and its components against the blazing sun, you have to use sunshades whenever you can to keep them covered. Also, park under a shade.
  • Finally, you want to protect yourself against the intense sunshine and heat when you're driving. To that end, wear sunscreen and sunglasses to keep your skin and your eyes safe and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Help your vehicle work through the hotter months of the year. Call Mike Ford Shop at (763) 257-3130 and browse AMSOIL's online shop to find all of the best products for your vehicle's maintenance, including the top-performing synthetic oil in Ham Lake.


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