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If your child is preparing to get their driver's license, they will need you to take them out to practice driving. To keep your cool during these lessons, use these tips from All Service Oil.

Easy Tips to Make Teaching Your Teen to Drive Less Stressful

Getting a driver's license is likely something your teen has been looking forward to for a long time. As you prepare to take them for driving practice, use these tips to ensure it all goes smoothly.

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Give a Refresher on the Car's Basics

Before having your child take the wheel, give them a refresher course on the car's different components. Focus on the most important items and the ones they'll be using while practicing for their driving exam. It may seem too basic but go over things like the gas pedal, the brake, and the emergency brake. Teach them how to change gears and which ones they will be using most often. Point out other items like their turn signals, headlights switch, horn, emergency lights, and their mirrors. Next, help them get comfortable in the driver's seat by helping them adjust it to their liking. They will also need to adjust the mirrors so that they can see properly in them.

Look for an Empty Practice Space

When your child is ready for their first driving lesson, take them out to an area where they will feel comfortable. This can be something like a large parking lot that gets very little traffic. They won't feel pressure to go faster or get out of the way of other drivers, meaning they'll be able to get the best practice. Have your child start by accelerating and braking so that they can get used to the sensitivity of each pedal. Once they get the hang of this, they'll be able to accelerate smoothly and come to a smooth stop. After this, they can practice speeding up and maintaining their speed. Have them also practice parking in a spot, turning, and reversing. All of this should also be done while checking mirrors and blind spots so that they get used to this.

Let Your Child Take Their Time

Once they've mastered the parking lot, have your child move on to driving on the street. Don't head to a busy city street right away since this can be very stressful for your child. Look for a residential street with a low-speed limit and very little traffic. Have your child practice maintaining their speed at staying at the speed limit. They can also practice stopping smoothly at stop signs and making turns. They may come across other drivers, which will be good practice for sharing the road. A residential street is also a good spot for your child to practice parallel parking and reversing next to a curb.

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Maintain Your Cool at All Times

Teaching someone to drive can be very stressful, but don't forget that this can also be stressful for them. The more you show how nervous you are, the more nervous they'll get. This can make them more prone to making mistakes, so it won't be good for anyone. Avoid getting loud, reaching for the wheel, or getting mad. Do your best to keep your cool, but do stay alert and guide your child. Ask questions or make suggestions to help them improve, but don't do this angrily.

Consider Professional Driving Classes

If this is too stressful for you and your teen, consider enrolling them in driving classes. Leave the work to the professionals who have the experience to get your child comfortable driving in no time. Driving instructors have tons of experience and will be able to remain calm with new drivers, which can help everyone involved.

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