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Driving in poor weather conditions has its fair amount of challenges; for that reason, today’s post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake has essential tips on staying safe on the road this rainy season.

Let's say you're driving your daily commute to work, and all of a sudden, it starts to rain. You turn your windshield wipers on in no time, but the rain gets heavy and reduces your visibility on the road. The road gets waterlogged, and your vehicle starts to hydroplane. If you haven't dealt with those driving conditions yet, today's post by Mike Ford Shop in Ham Lake has some safety tips you can apply to improve your driving technique this rainy season.

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Ensure Good Visibility

Needless to say, having poor visibility conditions while being behind the wheel is dangerous. As a driver, you need a clear view of the road to keep a safe space from other vehicles, read traffic signs properly, or identify potential warnings. Still, like any other year, this season's rain may hinder your vision on the road; therefore, here are some helpful ways to improve your visibility despite driving under bad weather.
  • First, turn on your windshield wipers: This might seem obvious; however, for your wipers to work properly, you need to keep them in optimal conditions by inspecting their blades before each rainy season.
  • Turn on your defrosters: Aside from water drops being an inconvenience for visibility on the road, rain's humidity allows condensation to build up in your windshield, fogging your visibility. Hence, you can use your defrosters to defog your windows and clear the condensation.
  • Turn your AC on: If you want to defog your car quicker, you can turn your air conditioner on and roll down your windows a little.
  • Get your headlights turned on: Generally speaking, heavy rain comes with a dark overcast. To that end, turn your headlights on to make sure other road users can see you.

Lower Your Speed

Driving in the rain can be challenging since water combines with the road's grime and greasy remains, creating a slippery film between your vehicle's tires and the surface. These conditions��affect your car's traction and performance; however, slowing down works to keep a good grip on the surface and leads to enhanced vehicle control; to that end, make sure to go smooth with your braking and gas pedal when driving on wet roads.

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Learn to Manage Hydroplaning Safely

Hydroplaning refers to an uncontrollable skid that occurs when a vehicle loses traction due to water that builds between the tires and the surface. To avoid this water-related skid, you must ensure your tires' tread depth is the same as your operator's manual indicates. Tread depth is an essential structural condition for your tires because it traps water and expels it, so the tire keeps in contact with the surface. However, when the tread depth wears down over time, it loses its average measure, leading to a diminished grip or a potential hydroplane. Needless to say, you must be prepared to handle a skid; therefore, make sure to learn what to do in advance with these steps:
  • Avoid braking: Although this seems counterintuitive, braking may cause a potential spin-out; therefore, avoid putting your foot in the brake.
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel: In case you hydroplane,  keep a firm grip on the steering wheel in the direction you want the vehicle to go.
  • If possible, pull over: The best thing to do is pull over at a safe location rather than keep skidding. That will give you time to check your tires and regain calm.

Keep a Safe Following Distance

As mentioned above, a wet surface can diminish your vehicle's traction; to that end, you must maintain a safe distance from other road users to minimize the risk of bumping into them. Also, increasing your following distance can help you keep good visibility since getting close to other road users may result in those vehicles spraying water to your windshield. On the whole, make sure to count a 3 to 5 seconds distance between your and other cars.

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