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Learn About Your Warning Lights and What to Do When They Light Up

All of us want to take the best care of our cars that we possibly can. But, even the best-maintained vehicles sometimes experience faults with their complex systems. Your car has a warning mechanism to let you know when something is not right – the warning lights that come up on your dashboard. However, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what each light means, and what steps to take in the event of an issue. In this week’s blog, your local AMSOIL Dealer – All Service Oil would like to explain a little more about what each light represents, and what to do if they don’t turn off when your start your engine.

Engine Oil Warning Light

The engine oil warning light usually looks like a little jug with a drip coming from it. If this light remains illuminated after starting your car, it is an indicator that something is not right with the oil. This could mean that the oil temperature has been too high, or even worse, that the oil pressure is too low. Either of these situations can be catastrophic for your engine, as motor oil plays an essential role in lubricating and protecting your engine. Therefore, if there’s not enough oil in the system, or if the oil in the system has degraded due to reaching extreme temperatures, then it will not be protecting your engine properly, which could lead to irreparable damage. Check your oil level by removing the dipstick. If the oil looks in good condition, but there is not enough in the circuit, you can usually resolve the situation by simply adding more. If the oil appears thick or dark (it should be runny and golden) then this means that it has broken down over time and needs replacing. Two main types of motor oil exist on the market – conventional, naturally-occurring oils, and scientifically-developed, synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are made specifically to withstand a wider range of temperatures, offer superior protection against rust and damage and to go for longer intervals between oil changes than conventional oils. Conventional oils are cheaper at point of purchase, but they do not last as long or perform as well, increasing the frequency between your synthetic oil change schedule Call your local AMSOIL Dealer – All Service Oil today at (763) 257-3130 to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and get the right high quality AMSOIL oil for your next synthetic oil change.

Tire Pressure Monitor Warning Light

Maintaining optimal tire pressure help to improve your vehicle’s performance, as well increasing efficiency and saving you money on gas. Monitoring tire pressure is also important in terms of safety, as rapid decreases in pressure could suggest a puncture that could rupture while traveling, causing a tire blow-out. You should check your tire pressure before any long journey. If the warning light comes on, check the pressure of all four tires, and pay special attention to any bulges or potential ruptures. If in doubt, take your car in to see a professional mechanic.

Battery Change Warning Light

The Battery Warning Light looks like a little square with positive and negative signs – a graphical representation of a battery. If this light remains illuminated after you set-off, it is letting you know that there is an issue with the electrical system. This may mean that it is time to replace your battery, or could mean something more simple like a faulty connection. First of all, lift up the hood and have a look for any obvious problems such as loose wires. Next, shut the hood, start your car and turn on the headlights. Dim headlights suggest that the lights are running off the battery and that the fault is likely due to the alternator. If revving the engine increases the brightness of the headlights, this shows that the alternator is still generating some current, but it may not be fully functional. If the headlights are a normal level of brightness, the problem may be with the battery and it might need replacing.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Engine With a Synthetic Oil Change in Blaine

Just like the lifetime of a human body is affected by what we put into it, the lifetime of your engine is affected by what you put into it. Choosing superior-quality, scientifically designed products such as coolants and synthetic motor oils provides the best-quality care to your engine and helps to protect it from wear. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer – All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to find out about the great selection of high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products available.

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