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How to Pick the Best Lawnmower in Blaine

Buying a new lawn mower may seem simple- they all perform the same function- but there is great divergence in the kinds of mowers available. This guide will help you decide which mower is right for you.

Picking the Right Mower for Your Yard

There is a mower for every kind of yard. When choosing a mower, start by asking what kind of yard and grass you have to determine which option is best for your needs. You probably do not need the biggest engine, fastest mower, and all the fixings. Here are some mowers with their best applications.

Manual Reel Mower

This is your grandfather's lawn mower. Push it, and the blades spin. There is no motor to maintain, so they are quiet, dependable, and good for the environment. They are perfect for small, flat yards, and cut grass smoothly leaving less brown tips. Manual mowers do tend to roll over large weeds rather than cutting them, and require you to walk quickly for best results. Great for exercise.

Electric Mowers

You can find corded and cordless electric mowers will work well for small yards. You do not need gas or oil, so they are quieter and more dependable. The mower is limited by the cord length or the amount of charge, and a cord is difficult to maneuvre around obstacles. Cordless mowers also come in self-propelled models, requiring less push effort on your part though this feature will drain the battery quickly.


Walk-behind mowers also come in push or self-propelled models. Their gas engines are more powerful, so they cut thick brush and weeds easier. Push models are better for small yards since they do require considerable effort. Self-propellers are easier and work well for medium yards. If your yard contains many obstacles, you will want front-wheel drive for better maneuverability. Rear-wheel drive is better for cutting up hills.

Riding Mowers

For larger yards, you may opt for a riding mower. Sit back and relax. Rear-mounted motor models are slower and narrower, so it will take more time to mow very large lawns. Tractors work best for big yards, and can be used as snow plows and work carts as well.

Your Mower Needs Synthetic Oil in Blaine

Whichever kind of mower you choose, be sure to fill it oil that provides better protection, improved performance, and peace of mind. If your mower has an engine, use synthetic oil for better protection and improved performance. All Service Oil is your local AMSOIL dealer in Blaine. Call us at (763) 257-3130 or shop our complete line of products at the online store. Be sure to check out our post on the benefits of synthetic oil.

How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower

Buying a new lawn mower may seem simple- they all perform the same function- but there is great divergence in the kinds of mowers available. This guide will help you decide which mower is right for you.

Cutting Path

A larger cutting path will cut down on the amount of time it takes to cut your grass. Look for a mower with a cutting path of at least 21 inches for best results.

Cutting Height

The grass breed you have will determine how short you want to cut it. Some look good really short while others look better left a bit longer. Make sure the mower you choose gives you the best clearance you need.

Grass Bag

If your yard is big, you want a big grass bag to avoid having to empty it multiple times. Look for 2-bushel bags for least impediment to your mowing.


Consider the number of obstacles you have in your yard- trees, rocks, paths, hills- to determine how maneuverable your mower should be. Look at light-weight models to make it easier to move around.

Engine Size

The size of the engine is not so important. A 150cc engine is sufficient to cut most lawns. A powerful engine is only necessary to power through really thick brush.


If you are tall, get an adjustable handle to avoid hunching. And look for foam and rubber padding on the handle to reduce hand and arm fatigue.  

For Synthetic Oil in Blaine

For a longer-lasting, better performing mower engine, use AMSOIL synthetic oilAll Service Oil in Blaine is your local AMSOIL dealer and can fill you in on the best products to protect your mower. Shop our complete line of products at our online store or give us a call at (763) 257-3130.

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