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You can't believe everything you hear about motor oil and car care.  Many of the stories are not true. Every season has its own tales, and this time we will explore summertime car myths. You hear car related or engine related stories all the time. Whether synthetic oil is only meant for racing cars or how you always need to warm up your car before you go out (even in the summer). Many of those stories are false, maybe at some point there was some truth in them though. This occasion, All Service Oil  brings you a list of famous summer time myths in honor of the summer heat.

6 Summertime Car Myths

Myth 1: Your Engine Requires Thicker Oil During the Summer

Does your owner’s manual specifically say that you should be using thicker oil for the summer? If it doesn’t you should stick to the recommended oil viscosity. Modern cars usually come pre-filled with a thin 5W-20 oil, ideal for reducing friction. The less friction going on in your engine the less possibilities it has of overheating and the less fuel you’ll be spending. This type of oil is designed to lubricate your engine no matter what the season is. If you’re still set on changing your oil to a thicker option, maybe you can go for a slightly thicker 10W-30 oil. Unless you own an older car that actually requires thicker oil, you don’t need to switch to a thicker version during the summer. If you’re worried that your regular oil won’t protect your engine under the heat, get an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change. Synthetic oil performs just as well in the summer as it does in the winter, without needing to switch your oil viscosity. A good option is AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, or you can try their Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil if you're set in getting a slightly thicker oil. If you need help deciding what oil to get, call All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 to get a personalized recommendation for your synthetic oil change.

Myth # 2 You Need to Turn Off the Air Conditioner as Soon as Your Engine Starts Overheating

No, you have to do the opposite of that! Instead of turning the A/C off, you need to turn the heat up to max. It will feel like a sauna inside your car, but it will help cool your engine. Besides you can always roll down the windows. As you turn the heater on, all the excess heat in the engine is pulled inside the cabin. Try this method if you can't pull over, and only as a temporary fix. If you constantly need to turn the heater on to cool down your engine, you need to get the cooling system checked because there’s probably something wrong with it.

Myth # 3 Water Works Just as Well as Coolant Does

They don’t do the same job at all. If you don’t have coolant immediately at hand, you can use water but only if you plan on replacing it soon. Coolant, or antifreeze, comes equipped with different additives to prevent wear and corrosion in the cooling system, water doesn’t give that sort of protection. You should use a 50-50 mix of water and coolant all year long no matter what antifreeze brand you prefer. If you’re going to be refilling your coolant tank anytime soon, why don’t you use AMSOIL’s Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant? Get it when you purchase your supplies for a your synthetic oil change.

Myth # 4 Black Cars Get Hotter in the Sun

This belief is actually true. Autotrader tried this cool experiment to prove if this was true. They left a black car and a white car under the sun for a few hours and came back to check on their temperature. The black car’s cabin measured 130°F, while the white measured 113°F. That’s close to a 20° difference! After that, they found that the white car cooled down faster than the black car did. Tough luck for black car owners out there!

Myth # 5 Driving With the Windows Down This Summer Will Help Improve My Fuel Mileage

It might be work if you’re driving around town and it isn’t too hot outside, but it won’t do you any good on the freeway. It’s better to stick to the air conditioner when you’re driving on the open road. Rolling the windows down will increase aerodynamic drag, making your car have to work harder and burn off more fuel to keep moving.

Myth # 6: Since You Don’t Need Snow Tires Anymore, Any Old Tire Will Do

Driving around with old tires with low tread is dangerous, especially under the rain. Summer days bring summer rains, and old tires don’t perform that well on wet roads. If your plan is to stay home whenever it rains or if you’ve decided you’re going to park until the roads dry off, stick to your old, thin tires. Although you’d be better off by getting new tires with at least a 4/32# minimum tread depth.

Get Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer in Andover

You’re always going to hear many different stories regarding motor oil, especially when it comes to synthetic oil. Whatever those stories say a synthetic oil change is the best decision you can make regarding engine lubrication in Andover. Go ahead and get all your AMSOIL supplies for your synthetic oil change by calling All Service Oil at (763) 257-3130 and keep your car perfectly lubricated all summer long.

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