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Advantages to Using Synthetic Oil

With so many choices and options available to you and your vehicle, it can be easy to become intimidated and stick with your 'old faithful' conventional oil. In this post,  All Service Oil in Ham Lake has advantages of synthetic oil to share with you when the time comes to replace your engine fluids.
  • One of the biggest advantages to synthetic oil is a considerably lower contaminant and impurity content. This benefits your engine by minimizing the amount of deposits that can accumulate throughout your engine and prevent it from running optimally.
  • Extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold, can have a serious impact on the flow of conventional oil through your engine. Switching to a synthetic oil that is not affected by these conditions allows a constant flow of oil and lubrication through your engine all year round,
  • Due to the nature of synthetic oil's composition, engines operating with synthetic oil require less filter changes and generally runs cleaner and with greater fuel economy. Whilst synthetic oils may seem more expensive on the shelf, their longer term financial benefits are soon felt through reduced engine maintenance and fluid changes.

Helping Your Engine Run Smooth for Longer

If the above points have got you thinking about making the switch, speak with Mike and Linda on 763 257 3130 about how All Service Oil in Ham Lakes can increase the life span and performance of your engine with AMSOIL synthetic oils.

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