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Your car's fluids may seem intimidating, but checking on them and being able to detect an issue when it arises is really quite easy. To learn how to check on your car's fluids, keep reading.

Quick Tips to Make Checking on Your Car's Fluids a Breeze

Since your car relies pretty heavily on its fluids to keep it running well, it only makes sense for you, the car owner, to become acquainted with these fluids. To help you get to know what your fluids should look like and how to check on them, use these tips.

How to Check on Your Engine Oil

Since your motor oil plays such an important part in keeping your car running strong, it only makes sense to get familiar with it. If you're intimidated by the idea of checking on your motor oil, there's really nothing to worry about. It's so easy that just about anyone can do it from the comfort of their garage. To do this, first be sure you're parked on an even surface. Any type of incline can affect your oil reading, so park on the most level surface possible. Once this is all set, go ahead and open up your car's hood. Locate your car's oil dipstick under the hood and pull it out. Clean off the dipstick, put it back in its place, and pull it out once more. This time look at the oil on the end of the dipstick. The dipstick should have two indicator lines at the end of it that will make it easier for you to detect when your oil is running low. Ideally, your oil should fall somewhere in between these two lines. If it's below the bottom line, then you're running low on oil. This can be for a number of reasons, but if you recently had your oil changed, then you may have a leak or your car may be burning it off. Neither of these scenarios is good, so take your car to get checked by a professional. After checking on your oil level, move on to checking on the condition of your oil. This is super easy to do and you won't need much more than your dipstick and your hand. Use your index finger and your thumb to rub some of the oil off your dipstick. Feel the oil and look at it. If the oil is translucent, a light color, and slick then it's still fine. However, if your oil is thick, dark, opaque, and gritty, it's ready to be changed. Look out for a burnt smell that also indicates it's time to get your oil changed. Keep your car working at its best with the help of a synthetic oil change in Minneapolis. A synthetic oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil can help keep your engine running at its best for longer. To find even more great products like this, don't hesitate to contact the oil pros at All Service Oil. Give them a call at (763) 257-3130 or visit their online store to find more products or to place your order.

Take a Look at Your Car's Coolant

After checking on your oil, it's time to check on your coolant. This is just as easy as checking on your oil, so you have nothing to stress over. The difference here is that you will need your car to be cool before you can safely check on your coolant. This means this job is best left for when your car has been parked for a while rather than right after a longe commute. Once you're sure things are cool, go ahead and pop open your hood. Locate your coolant reservoir and take a look at how much coolant is left in it. Usually, this is pretty easy to do since the reservoir will be translucent and have indicator marks on the side. If your coolant is lower than the bottom-most indicator mark, you're running low on this fluid. You can simply top it off with more of the same fluid, but do look out for leaks that can cause this level to drop. To check on the condition of it, pay close attention to your coolant's color. Your coolant should still be the same color as when it was new, whether this was bright yellow, green, blue, or red. If it's no longer the same color, is colorless, or looks a rusty color, then it's ready to be changed.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Minneapolis

To keep your car working at its best, give it a synthetic oil change in Minneapolis. To find a great oil for your car, contact the friendly oil experts at All Service Oil. For the personalized service you need, give them a call at (763) 257-3130.

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